The mystical, gentle grace of Sherrie’s flute
Brings harmony to river, forest and sky;
It sings from her heart: she loves all living things.
Feathered and furry beings prepare to dream;
Wise oaks bend to listen in twilight’s glow.

The warm breeze carries her sweet music:
A lullaby of tranquility easing dusk to night.
Her soft assurance settles the forest
Into deep and restful slumber.
Dawn brings a reawakening
Of birds singing with joy;
Of flowers at their brilliant best;
Of oaks again embracing the sky.
Let our kind, gentle and loving voices and actions
Be the music of peace, comfort, care and hope
Extending across the world
As we accompany the quiet melody
Of Sherrie’s heart and soul.

-William Walsh    6/24/13