Valentine's Day, 2017

She is a shining, radiant ideal, just beyond my reach. I worship her, but we are still years away from achieving an ideal relationship. She mocks my feeble efforts to attain her, and challenges me:

“Over the years, Will, you’ve not done enough to deserve me. You’ve failed miserably because you’re simply not trying hard enough. You’re too immature; you lack intention, genuineness and sincerity. You’re too selfish and irresponsible. If you sincerely want me, you must more actively prove yourself worthy. I demand that you earn my hand with qualities of character you’ve not yet sufficiently demonstrated: virtue, gentleness, warmth, compassion, and, of course, effort. You must demonstrate that you truly desire me. If I become yours, you must consider me your priceless jewel. If you would possess me, you must be willing and able to support and protect me at all costs. You must be willing to sacrifice your life for my well-being. Indeed, Will: ‘Til death do us part.”

She is a perfect but elusive beauty. My actions have fallen far short of her requirements, and she is not yet mine. If I were to cling to hope, improve my character, and redouble my effort, I could achieve an ideal future with her.

Who is she? A world of peace and justice.

–Will Walsh  ©2016