Warriors for humanity, their weapons of choice, and their higher strategies:

   Jefferson: Ethical principles, to assert consent of the governed.
   Paine: Dissemination of progressive ideas, to inspire democratic change.
   Tolstoy: Pacifism, in opposition to exploitive government.
   Kennedy: Courage and good will, to manage foreign hostility.
   Ingersoll: Humanism, to discourage belief in the supernatural.
   Einstein: Inquiry and truth, to illuminate mysteries of the universe.
   Gandhi: Co-optation, to win friendship of the oppressor.
   Suu Kyi: Political activism, to fight corruption of military regimes.
   Yousafzai: Untiring commitment, to end repression of girls and women.
   Annan: Management leadership, to improve effectiveness of
        world organizations.
   Dalai Lama: Love, to conquer hate.
   Obama: Perseverance, to battle obstruction of human progress.

Bold warriors also employ these weapons of virtue:  

   Humility, to slay hubris.
   Depth, to drown shallowness.
   Calm, to neutralize agitation.
   Rule of law, to suffocate impunity.
   Quietude, to silence stridency.
   Tolerance, to unbalance prejudice.
   Softness, to co-opt harshness.
   Evidence, to dispel myth.
   Compassion, to overcome indifference.

Will Walsh   June 30, 2016