Doggies of the world, unite!
Let’s praise our owners– they treat us right.

Outside I hear brakes of the monthly mail truck.
Could it be that the luck of the BarkBox has struck?
Sherrie (my owner) stands calm with a smile,
But I become frustrated and anxious, while
Teasing, tantalizing, she grasps a box tightly.
“What have I here?” she asks gently but brightly.

Hmm. A big cardboard parcel is all I can see.
But her manner suggests it’s a present– for me!
She peeks in the box to view contents within.
C’mon Sherrie – please let the fun begin!
She hefts the box, but makes me wait
For treasures I impatiently contemplate.

She opens the BarkBox. I’m so excited–
Eager and psyched (and she seems delighted).
I dance on hind legs; I whimper and salivate,
As faint tempting aromas begin to emanate.
My tail wags my body with animation and glee:
I’m elated, ecstatic– It’s all about me!

When I see the teeth of that fake snarky shark,
My immediate response is a stark, sharp bark!
I seize the shark between my paws,
Then crush its tail between my jaws.
It crackles loudly as I munch;
The perfect toy upon which to crunch!

I toss my shark into the air;
It falls to earth– I know not where.
I search, spin, madly race, then crouch
To leap tall ottomans in arcs to the couch.
From this lofty perch I bounce
With pinpoint accuracy to pounce
On the hapless stuffed beast
Upon which I pretend to feast.

Although shark battles are, albeit, vicarious,
They entertain Sherrie, who finds me hilarious.

I chew on toys for their satisfying squeak.
Or, they snap, pop, and shriek as havoc I wreak
(their wacky sounds can make me freak).
With sincere apologies to the meek,
It’s action, control, and power I seek!

Toys’re wrinkly and crinkly and smell nice– Oh my!
Faux taco and daisies and sweet cherry pie!
Fake chocolate chip cookie (seems real to me).
A cornucopia of goodies– a potpourri!
I pounce on ‘em, bounce on ‘em, toss ‘em around–
I hide ‘em where they can’t be found.
And OMG, like, the REAL treats’r delicious!
Per Sherrie’s wishious, they’re highly nutritious.

Although this may sound quite overly dramatic:
BarkBoxes each month get me feelin’ ecstatic!
My life would neither normalize nor maximize
If deprived of my monthly BarkBox surprise.

I curl up gratefully, right next to Sherrie.
Am I healthy and content? Oh yeah– very!
My Barkbox toys and treats and chews
Have brought me contentment.

Time to snooze. . .
Ramsey Yorkiepoo Gill ©2016