Engaging our souls with understanding profound,
He gives us strength to get up off the ground.
He sees and reflects our sorrow and joy...

He’s Ramsey, our beloved Yorkiepoo boy!

Intellectually, our guy’s a heavyweight:
Even alternative facts he'll regurgitate.
His little face is so charmingly expressive,
That, politically speaking, we know he’s progressive.
His response to results of the recent election
Was frustration, disgust, disappointment, dejection.

His abilities are phenomenal–
His wisdom astronomical!
Let us extol his superior virtue:
He'll love you to pieces, and never hurt you.
But curb him responsibly 'round any felines
(though they seem to ignore all his growls, barks and whines).

A bundle of energy, he’s ready to play,
And feels it's his mission to brighten our day.
His raison d’etre is to elevate our mood
And for this, we embrace him with gratitude.

Always smiling and grinning (except for that scowl
The week we forced him to wear a cowl
When he lost his junk and went into a funk).
But he healed right up. He’s a resilient pup!

When we leave him at home, his world quickly dies.
Broken-hearted, and lost, he constantly cries.
When we return home he starts kissing our faces
While yipping with glee as around us he races!

Always ready to romp and run,
He tirelessly craves and seeks challenge and fun.
With wacky antics wildly comical,
His little tail rapidly wags metronomical.
He’s the envied star of canines athletic,
Whose feats (by comparison) are quite pathetic.
His spectacular leaps never fail to astound:
Ten feet in the air, to our laps, he can bound!
His senses and responses astonishingly acute:
Should a squirrel appear, he’s in hot pursuit!

Cuddling in bed or romping outside,
He’s adoring, adorable, endearing - personified!
He matches and mirrors our various moods
(except when consuming his favorite foods).

By sensing our feelings and their every nuance,
He deserves and gains our most loving response.
We enfold him, releasing our tears of emotion.
We’re so privileged to have Ramsey's total devotion!

~Will Walsh ©2017