Beach Daydream, 1976

Magical, mystical beauty, ephemeral and fleeting.
Cardiff, Leucadia, Encinitas, Moonlight Beach. 
I write to remember these, and to honor them.
Towering sand bluffs, iceplant-loaded.
Pristine beach, blue Pacific, limitless sky.

I run with joy on the smooth, flat sand,
Euphoric, elated and free!
Leaping over piles of brown kelp (no, some are seals).
Hushed surf; quiet voices; a child’s distant laughter.
Fit, tanned bodies; warm smiles, cool people

Flowing through the ambience of a golden afternoon glow.
No bonds, no limits, no cares – only well-being.
I must be dreaming - life cannot be more perfect.
I will treasure these days always.

-William Walsh    2013