Euphoric, arms outstretched through the vision,
Elated, I cruise in wide sweeping arcs and loops
Over the Oregon coast.

Around and through mountain, river, ocean and forest,
Diffusing through clouds and sky,
I skim the wavetops, circle the earth, touch the sun. . .
Guided by thought, whim and dream, gliding effortlessly;
Soaring in joy and wonder through imaginings of boundless freedom.

The stirrings of consciousness and imminent awakening
Return me to the rectangular flat plane
Of an image suspended in space:
An impressionistic view of my simple living room.

I merge with the image,
Dissolving through the plane
Into a nonspatial continuum,

Drifting weightlessly into the mundane
       To float effortlessly above my welcoming couch,
            Then softly descending,
                     Gently reclining,
                                 Peacefully sleeping.

Consciousness slowly returns. . .
I awake, to again pursue harmony, creativity, and truth.
I stretch languidly, smile, and welcome reality.

I gaze at the artwork on my living room wall:
An impressionistic view of the Oregon coast.

-Will Walsh