We cannot define Tao.

There are no universally-accepted definitions.  

Yin and yang are not opposites.

          Their colors are an unending flow of blendings.
          Hard, bright and unyielding               
           coexists with soft, dark, and yielding.

We are on a belief continuum.
          Your truth may be that God and heaven are “up there.”
          My truth is that the universe is deterministic, systematic,
          harmonious, infinite, and eternal.

May we respectfully agree on 
          the subjectivity and relativity of it all.           

May we respect, tolerate and live in harmony
          within the diversity of our beliefs. 

In reality there are no absolutes.
          No precise points, limits, or quantities.
Thus, no absolute truth in these very words.

 --Will Walsh  ©2014