I lie here in bed wide awake.
While a limpkin screams loud ‘til daybreak.
I demand it be silent, or I’ll become violent –
With malice its life I may take.

The economy last year was frightening.
Opportunity and money were tightening.
But gas prices dropped and the stock market topped,
The foreseeable future’s now brightening!

In life there is no greater joy
Than Ramsey the Yorkie Poo boy.
He seeks our affection and refuses rejection –
He’s thrilled when we throw him a toy!

The best way to elevate mood
Is not simply to consume food.
Move your body – it’s free;
Expend stored energy.
You’ll soon feel incredibly good!

My closet hides dusty dress shoes.
Neglected; in pairs; lonely twos.
They wish they were Nikes
With exercise psyches
In motion, in aerobic cruise.

Toward peace, will our world ever grow?
The sage and the saint do not know.
If we persist, we can coexist,
From virtue our actions must flow.

An old runner am I (and nut case).
I shuffle along at snail’s pace.
Under blazing hot sun
I might die on a run,
But I’ll have a big smile on my face!

I think I’ll sit for a spell.
I hope other shoppers can’t tell
That I’ve hiked near and far
In this lot for my car.
My memory is shot to Hell!

Why must we always contend?
Is it possible for us to bend?
With virtue to guide us
And truth beside us,
All hubris and conflict we’ll end.

-Will Walsh 2015