Wilderness welcomes you into its perfect reality. You need not search for meaning, truth, or wisdom. You need make no conscious attempt to know, discover, or find. Move, look, and listen slowly, gently, respectfully. Glide soundlessly through pristine white snow in an alpine canyon. Enter the forest without moving the grass or disturbing a twig. Wade through the still water of a mangrove marsh without raising a ripple. With grace and balance, traverse rough outcroppings of ancient desert limestone. Ponder the unbounded freedom of clouds. Sense the complexity of a pristine leaf, the billiance of a distant star, and the interconnectedness of it all.
           Enter wilderness when you wish to think, feel, and dream without distraction or interruption. Find a comfortable vantage point. Recline in stillness and solitude. Blend with the profound beauty around you. Absorb the hushed harmony of a surreal world. Relax with the serenity which has always resided within you. Lose yourself in the calm, comforting peace of nature, aware only of your slow, relaxed breathing.
         In deep forests, vast deserts, and high mountains, your mind will freely make associations of ideas and feelings. You will gain courage and inspiration. You will gain new awareness, meaning, and peace. 
         ©Will Walsh  2015