I’m Junie, the world’s cutest Yorkiepoo boy–
Your sustainable source of affection and joy!
Lonely and lost did I formerly roam.
Sherrie found me, and loved me, and gave me a home.
When outside I love to sit at her feet–
While checkin’ out action and vibe on the street.

I roll on the ground with excitement and glee.
Feels incredibly good (but picks up debris).
When Ramsey my bubba starts playin’ too rough
I get dominant and snappy, which warns him, “Enough!”
We walk in the ‘hood when it’s late– not a sound.
At each corner I sniff all sweet smells on the ground.

The squirrels and jays may mercilessly tease,
But whaddya expect? They’re safe in their trees.
These legs motor swiftly, despite their short length,
And make no mistake – I’m all muscle and strength.
This tiny frame conceals formidable power–
I intimidate big dogs, though above me they tower.

My expression to you might seem gloomy, or mournful.
Even skeptical, analytical, thoughtful, or scornful.
I look very solemn– it’s inscrutable you’re seeing.
But inside I’m euphoric– I’m filled with well-being.
Each month a BarkBox arrives at the door
With yummies and doodads and squeaktoys and more!

My world, thanks to Sherrie, is free of all strife.
Health, peace, and love fill my Yorkie Poo life!

–Will Walsh  ©2017