I gently cradle a curious hemisphere in my hands.
It seems to radiate a restful, mystical beauty.
Translucent facets scintillate,
inviting me to share the secrets  
within its smooth, protective shell.
I ponder its evolution through untold eons.
Slowly closing my eyes, I drift. . .

. . . And gradually awaken in its remote depths
among miniscule grottoes dimly glittering.
Massive, overhanging projections and prismatic peaks
extend ever upward and outward,
towering into vast spaces,
reaching beyond time.

All is illuminated with an opalescent, luminous radiance.
Slowly and carefully I traverse this astonishing forest
of crystalline formations: blocks, angles, perfect planes
infinitesimal and monolithic, near and far.

I discover and explore diverse geometric structures
radiating power, strength, and symmetry.
They transform and expand rays of prismatic color,
echoing and guiding coherent light energy
into quiet, shadowed spaces. 

I recline and rest, contemplating the beauty
and perfection of this new universe. 
Slowly closing my eyes, I drift. . .

. . .And gradually awaken from peaceful sleep.
The geode is warm and safe in my hands.
I yearn to resume my magical, quiet journey. . .

William Walsh  © 4/9/17