As I Live and Breathe

My fast lane cousin the E-book  
feeds digital bytes to people racing headlong
at lightning speed with overloaded busy minds;
thirsting for relevant data and immediate updates;
drinking from a fire hose of streaming ones and zeros;
thirsting for wisdom but drowning in information;
unable to process the flow.

Me? I’m your favorite printed hardcover book.
I’m organic– with texture, color, smell, heft, appearance,
life, breath, character, and unique personality.
I’m your sustainable resource
needing no device, app, power, or ON switch.

You value concepts over data; imagination over reality.
Relaxed and unhurried, you explore my images and ideas
to grow with new truths, insight, and wisdom.
I’m the accessible fireside friend you can touch and depend on.
Your gentle hands enfold my virtues.
You believe in me, and I feel loved.
—Will Walsh   2016