My brothers of every civilization across the world:

We are DNA’s experiment in aggressive, reactive behavior. We are the loudest, swiftest, and strongest: pursuers, hunters, fighters. We men plunge humankind into war, genocide, and violence in the name of deities. We rule through intimidation and fear. We take from others what is not rightfully ours. We continue to seek dominance, not respectful coexistence.

We deny opportunity to women and minorities in virtually every sphere of society.

Our sisters are able to see the big picture. They exercise restraint, are analytical, and make informed decisions. They are the wellspring of reason, equanimity, healing, and moderation.
We men must acquire and demonstrate virtue, values, and ethics our children can emulate.  We must discourage aggressive, inhumane, and unethical character qualities. We must unlearn our xenophobia. We must seek evidence-based truth in all things. We must provide opportunities for the development of all, and allow individuals to function in roles for which they are competent and qualified. We must earn respect, not command it. We must be respectful of and accountable to others. We must express compassion and empathy. We must demonstrate our humanity by pursuing the rights and well-being of all people and our animals. We must be flexible enough to accept and cope with uncertainty and ambiguity. We need not always seize the initiative or take control. We must coexist and cooperate with people who are different. We men must become more effective listeners so that we may learn the values, ideals, and dreams of others. We must accelerate progress toward wisdom, tolerance, and understanding. We must peacefully resolve conflict while pursuing the rights and well-being of all. We men must condemn and cease the immorality of violence. Each of us must actively contribute to a more just and peaceful world.
2017 must be the dawn of better men.

Will Walsh  ©2016, 2017