I live happily alone.  My aloneness is never loneliness.  I respect the social convention of marriage, and the cohabitation of chosen mates with a shared commitment.  Committed unions are constantly challenged by selfishness, stress, disharmony in values, and the difficulty of compromise.  

The benefits of my solitary life are simplicity, control, order, predictability, freedom, and contentment.  Living alone permits my admittedly meticulous neatness.  There are no traditional role expectations.  There is no required give or take.  No tension associated with shared food, work, or finances.  No sense of being suppressed, oppressed, or trapped.  No constant concern for the health, comfort, safety and well-being of another.  No compromise of standards.  No visual or aural distraction by others.  No necessary adjustments of my body’s natural rhythms.  No deprivation of physical or meditative space. 

I take full responsibility for the consequences of my actions.  I make informed choices of directions and risks, without risking the well-being of others.  I will gracefully accept the assistance and support of others as my capacity declines with age.  Life is not ”fun” in the childish sense, but I find fulfillment in contributing to a better world.  Living alone means expending all the time and energy needed in the pursuit of truth, and the rights and well-being of others.  I am privileged to live alone - in health, freedom and contentment.

-William Walsh   2015