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JUST IMAGINE . . .  Q u i e t l y.

Waiting to emerge from the depths of your being is a true poet, musician, scientist or artist.  Intrusive noise overwhelms your capacity for innovation and understanding.  Be comfortable with silence.  There is no need for the constant input of music, conversation, smartphones, computers, radio or TV.  Deprive yourself of sensory input for a few waking hours.  Disconnect from technology.  Just be still, calm, quiet, and intentionally alone with your thoughts.  You will become aware of your more peaceful state.  You will discover new and vivid fantasies, ideas, wishes, ideals, and images, formerly suppressed by distracting sound.  Allow your imagination the freedom it deserves.  Allow ideas to freely associate with other ideas, and to take flight.  Sit in silence.  Write in silence.  Walk in silence.  Run in silence.  Sleep in silence.  Dream in silence.  Lie awake in silence. Treasure silence. 

Set your creativity free.  Then give us the beauty of your soul.

William Walsh    9/16/13