I could vote for a candidate who
   • overrides and loudly interrupts others, conveying disrespect.
   • demonstrates a reckless, immature impulsivity.
   • evidences a hubris and misogyny which impairs judgement and fairness.
   • has exploited power, social privilege, and opportunity afforded by a father’s
   • uses money, fear, and coercion to influence others.
   • evidences little compassion and empathy.
   • is motivated by a consuming need for control, attention, self-promotion,
         visibility, and personal power.

Or, I could vote for a candidate who
   • has the values and skills needed to prevent, manage, and resolve conflict.
   • acts to improve international relations in a global economy.
   • demonstrates participative leadership and management.
   • works to remove cultural and institutionalized barriers to human development.
   • expands opportunities for women and minorities.
   • embodies the best aspects of our national character.
   • demonstrates qualities my sons and daughters should emulate.
   • mirrors my own values and ethics.

I cherish my privilege of choosing those who guide our democracy.

Will Walsh  ©2016