In this season of inhumanity,
Imprisoned by barricades of isolation,
Cold race relations and religious biases demean us.
We seek warmth and shelter from the cold,
But are hiding from the piercing truths of social reality.
We hold ourselves up to the world as the
Shining ideal of equality for all, but
We are paralyzed by our hypocrisy in blocks of winter ice.
Bitter racial and sectarian conflict;
Terrorist shootings and bombings;
Ignorance, intolerance, misunderstanding;
Fear of those who are different.
We are disengaged, uninvolved, uncivil, and selfish.

Who will initiate a spring thaw of this paralysis and polarization?
Who, but each of us: black, brown, white, Christian, Muslim,
Liberal, conservative, rich, poor, old, young, male, female?
We must de-fuse anger and erase fear.
We must minimize tension, and maximize understanding.
We must undermine hate, and elevate intercultural respect.
We must open frank discussion in our hearts, our homes, and on the street.
We must expose the baselessness of hatred.
We must see our common humanity.
We must validate our unique individual qualities.
We must promote love, togetherness, community, and unity.
We must find a path forward, and support each other as we go.
We must reinforce virtue, human values, and ethics.
We must take collaborative, determined action.
We must break off dangerous icicles and plow our streets.
We must melt the frozen rigidity of our outdated ways.

WE can envision an eternal summer of global harmony.
A summer free of bias, hate, and violence for all humankind.
A summer of unprecedented freedom, growth, and development.
With warm summer breezes of peaceful coexistence,
WE can sustain a radiant, rewarding time
        of wisdom, tolerance, understanding, and peace.

You and I must begin to earn our ideal summer.

–Will Walsh ©2016