Your leadership was an achievement, not a birthright. Using your gifts of intellect, intuition, compassion, insight, perseverance, and moderation, you excelled in all aspects of your presidency.

Your exemplary character earned the genuine respect of people across the globe. You possessed qualities of openness, innovation, humility, determination, and devotion to universal values. Shallow criticism of others was beneath your dignity. The enemy of hypocrisy, you were the friend of virtue and integrity.

You possessed the wisdom, courage, decision skills, and resourcefulness to maintain America's momentum of social and economic progress. You were willing and able to implement constructive change. Your leadership gave us sound guidance, inspiration, and realistic hope.

While respecting the human capabilities and limitations of each citizen, you were motivated toward the growth, development, and flourishing of all citizens. You encouraged us to live without violence, in respect for each other's values, and for democratic ideals. You facilitated understanding and harmony between cultures, thus creating a more just and peaceful world.

We will miss you dearly, President Obama.

--Will Walsh 2016