To Women Who Voted for Donald:
       You voted for a carnival barker who promises jobs.
       You judged a book by its cover.
       You voted for image, not substance.
       You voted for a loose cannon.
       You voted for materialism, not virtue, ethics, and democratic values.
       You voted for Ayn Rand’s objectivist values.
       You voted against democratic values, human rights, and rule of law.
       You voted against Jane Addams, Aung San Suu Kyi, Malala Yousafzai, and Eleanor Roosevelt.
       You voted against the advance of women in our world.
       You voted against 200 years of social, moral, and ethical progress.
       You voted against your own liberty.

To Women Who Voted for Hillary and Jill:
       You must continue to advocate for principle over profit.
       You must continue to fight paternalism and male supremacy.
       You must continue to bring moderation.
       You must continue to bring intution.
       You must continue to bring wisdom, tolerance, compassion, and understanding.
       You must continue to demonstrate your ability to resolve conflict.
       You must continue to hammer at the glass ceiling.
       You must continue to seek public office.
       You must continue to have courage and hope.
       For the good of humanity, you must continue to stay the course.
       The world needs you now.

Will Walsh © 2016