Meet Mr. T’s new EPA head, Scott Pruitt.
This agency he fought. (He tended to sue it.)
He’s about failed lawsuits, not EP–
Good science finds him evasive and creepy.
An Okie lawyer, he’s no science guy:
“Climate change theory’s a hoax or a lie!”

And “Methane, mercury, nitrites and lead
Aren’t poisons– they’re harmless,” he laughingly said.
Chlorpyrifos is written all over his face;
No thought of effects on the human race.

Feels oil, coal, and gas (like his boss)
Are matters of deals– simply profit and loss.
He’ll loosen protections nodnodding, winkwinking,
And poison us– what the hell’s he thinking?
The dog guarding chickens, or maybe a steak,
Big energy loves him, and he’s on the take.
Received from the industry over three hundred K;
The relationship remains incestuous today.

So absorb those fragrances, trichlor, pesticides, 
Plastics, perchlor, fuel oil, insecticides.
Duck and cover as down our world crashes
‘Midst solvents, fertilizers, benzenes, and ashes.

His ideal phrasing of EPA mission?
Drill– you don’t need no stinkin’ permission!”

–Will Walsh ©2017