Crafting Images

Recline among crystals within a geode; swim with a water droplet to join her sisters; follow canyon echoes of my ancient flute; reflect beside a moon-bathed lake; dream on a mesa in the Mojave; commune with trees who are mentors. 

Graphic art is one-dimensional – it presents a flat plane to convey a literal sense of beauty or an idea.  Written art is multi-dimensional – it allows writer and reader to employ his or her unique interpretive power, life experience, and creativity in visualizing an intended mood, context or subject.  My aim is not to rigidly impose my details of an idea, but to nudge the reader’s own internal faculties. 

I craft visions of simple perfection and dreamlike fantasy.  Concepts, recollections, ideas, impressions and descriptors emerge freely from the depths of my soul.  I harmonize them into vivid (yet comforting) quiet journeys.  I particularly enjoy describing my experience of nature in a mystical context.  With boundless freedom, my imagination illuminates mountains, forests, desert, and other real and imagined magical, secret realms.  Some critics have described my poetry as escapist distraction, or as devoid of the harsh realities of life.   Others have praised it as “a soothing oasis of calm in a harsh, fast-paced world,” a “relaxing haven,” and “therapeutic and healing.” 

The process of writing and revising can be its own reward: I often attain revelation, enlightenment, insight, awareness, truth, and resolution.  Creating an almost-tangible effect can also bring elation and euphoria.  I find immense reward in the creation of idealistic, peaceful pictures within the rare and precious meditative moments of readers.  Crafting imagery fulfills my need for innovative expression, and provides an escape for others in our fast-paced world.

I write without intention, but if you find beauty, hope, solace, or a sense of calm in my work, I am profoundly validated.

-William Walsh    November, 2013