I envision a world free from oppression and injustice, where all may realize their full human rights. May each of us attempt to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity. May we strive for empirical truth, human development, and a more just and peaceful world.

Listening                           And hearing
Onion Creek, Utah               Echoes of my flute
Sherrie at Twilight                A lullaby

Calm in Moonlight                  In the night, just be. . .
                          Offers renewal
Starlight                            And meditation 

Sunday Choice               To be physical
Midnight Run I           Black silence
Midnight Run II        Into the universe
Midnight Walk        Cool, quiet simplicity

Just Imagine            Allow yourself silence
Escalante Mesa          South Central Utah
                     Not loneliness
Wild Horse Mesa
                Mojave dreaming

Children of Summer, 2050  (Rhyming)  You were irresponsible, Grandpa
Treasures                                         We must protect. . .
Free Vertical                                        A dance with gravity
Mojave Equanimity                                 Winter approaches
Seedling                                                  Potential of a maple seed
Waterways to Peace                                A Metaphor for diminishing violence
Whispers of an Escalante Canyon
            The teacher
Early Summer  (Rhyming)                            Human-caused?
Renewal                                               Through the seasons
Spring, Providence Mountains
           An awakening
A Gift Received
                                 Water over quartz
Power of a Droplet                        Joining her sisters
Desert Climbing
                           Risk, reflection
Wellesley in Winter, 1946           Childhood wonder in snow

Mentors                                     Comfort of the forest
Wellesley in Winter, 1950           Blue spruce

Wellesley in Spring, 1953             Advice from a cypripedium
Off Cartwright Road, 1953              Spring in the Wellesley woods


A Simple Smile    (Rhyming)                        Improve the world with a smile
Far, Far Away                                           From the mass culture
Graced by His Presence    (Rhyming)                    In a dream
Hate in America                                             Are we a hypocrisy?
Hear me. See me. Walk with me. Love me.     Somaliland
Toward Peace, 1967    (Rhyming)                           Happy learners

The Bridge Builder                                           A tribute to President Obama
A New Dawn                                                      Of better men
Creating Summer in the Winter of Our Souls   Human relationships
West of Gaalkacyo, Somalia                          Enroute to Dabaab
Unconventional Warriors
                           And weapons
To All Men From One Man
                      On International Women's Day, 2016

Elusive Love                                     A radiant ideal
Who Will Teach Our Boys?
          Are we fully present?
In Honor of All Women
            International Women's Day 2014
Wealth Is . . .
                        Not material
Constant Gardeners
               Cultivate and encourage others
Two Weeks in Louisiana
           Post-Katrina recovery
Your Priceless Treasures            Of perception and character
Your Truths
                                  Carefully evolved
A Good Day
                                      Can be each day 


Looking Within                                     Self-transcending or merely existing?
New Freedom                                        Dealing with recall issues
Dealing With Stress                                Keys to the gates of calm 
Night People   (Rhyming)                             Winged visitors

Meet Our Therapist    (Rhyming)                  (He'll love you to pieces!)
Ramsey's Bro
    (Rhyming)                         Needs love too
Reflections                                     Of the moon, Sirius, and a pelican

Miranda    (Rhyming)                        A black lab's story 
Rites of Passage                        Hamilton, Massachusetts, 1949
                                        Coexistence in a Mojave cave
A BarkBox of Love
    (Rhyming)         Anticipation and delight
Compassion Learned
                    From my sister
A Valentine
                                    For Miranda             
Kissing the Joy as it Flies
             Osprey and rain
It Likes My Wreath
    (Rhyming)         And hides beneath
Cliff Encounter
                         A mother's diversionary tactic
Terrorism in the Mojave
        They targeted me
Gifts                                    Exchanged   

Geode II                              Fantasy within a macrocosmos
Beach Daydream 1976
         Or was it reality?
                                 Is time directional?
The Return
The Rainforest                        Resting in green
Classical Haiku
                         Four impressions
As I Live and Breathe     
          I'm still relevant
                             You are in my power. . .

Geode I                                Geometry of light


Welcome                            To the real world
Exodus   (Rhyming)                  I survive in spirit
To Join or Not Join the Islamist Jihad     Directions in life
An Open Letter to God    Questioning omnipotence

Our New House                 November, 2018
Prez     (Rhyming)                      A parody of Joyce Kilmer's "Trees"
Mister Fossil   (Rhyming)               The EPA Administrator
The Amateur    (Rhyming)                Knew best. . .            
Critique of President Trump's Inaugural Ceremony
The Agitator                                 Has your attention
The Female Vote
                             Nudged us toward the brink
Choice                                             Of presidential candidates

Hang In                                           It will all fade. . .

Journeys of Enlightenment            Emotional extremes
Parades in My Honor                   Honor I must live up to

The Master Guns  (Rhyming)            A leader evolves
Silent Forgiveness                 Tolerance
Negative Buoyancy
Toward Peace, 1967  (Rhyming)  For the children 

Fusion                                   Semper Fidelis
Finding Humanity                    Toward the light

Ignominy   (Rhyming)                        All is recycled

Storm Run   (Rhyming)                       Splishing and sloshing home 
Hourglass   (Rhyming)                           Using time
Benbow Island, 1959   (Rhyming)               Tryst
Crafting Images                                 And other realities
                                         Are immeasurable          
   (Rhyming)                               For fun
Hardrock 25K                                  Pressing on 

Who am I?   (Rhyming)                         A riddle. . .
Evolution of Human Movement
   Past, present, future
Your Gift of Fudge
  (Rhyming)            Morphing happens
I Wish You. . .
                 All the best

I Welcome Your Work          Need proofing and review?